Yes, your first class is FREE.​

Not at all! At HTX FightCamp we take pride in being the most approachable gym in the area.  We want you to feel at home so you get the best out of your time here. You’ll find community among positive, inspiring men and women. Our passionate instructors care about you and your goals and will do whatever it takes to help you achieve them.

It’s engaging, challenging, and exciting – you’ll be so motivated you’ll want to keep coming back and become a better you.

Nope! Group classes are for all – no matter your age or fitness level.  A common misunderstanding is that you need to be ‘in shape’ before starting boxing fitness training. This is completely false. Our classes are designed to allow our attendees to train ‘at their own pace’ while at the same time, giving the advanced students the opportunity to challenge themselves.

Don’t even sweat it (because you’ll sweat enough in class).

You do NOT need any prior boxing experience! We will teach you how to throw punches correctly and safely.

No. Classes are non-contact and non-combat. You’ll get lean and toned like a fighter without ever having to fight!

Be sure to show up 10-15 minutes early so we can go over the six basic boxing punches, explain the class structure to you, and get you the equipment you need.

We also will provide you with hand wraps (don’t worry — we’ll wrap them for you!) and boxing gloves to use during class.

To break a sweat and have fun in a safe and positive training environment!

Our “OG” FightCamp classes are well-balanced, full body workouts consisting of boxing fitness, cardio training, and functional training exercises. You’ll be doing conditioning drills like jumping jacks, sit ups, and quick feet drills as well as fundamental boxing including mitt work and bag work.

Breaks are built into the class, but take take all the time you need. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

We can accommodate up to 20 people per class, but in our 5,000 sq ft boxing facility, space is not an issue! We also always have additional trainers on deck in the setting of a larger class.

Absolutely. There are always a mix of beginners and more experienced students in class. Plus the advanced students are always eager to help get you on the right track.

Our classes last approximately 45-55 minutes.

Minimum age to attend the adult group class is 12 years of age there is no maximum age limit (in fact, we have attendees in their 70s).

A parent or guardian must be present to sign a waiver for anyone under the age of 18.

Absolutely. As long as you have medical clearance from your physician and are feeling physically up for the challenge! We are happy to share modifications as needed.

Yes. We’re happy to answer any questions after classes, but you can also schedule a personal appointment with a trainer to cover your specific questions or even get a personalized nutritional plan!

If you sign up for a class but are unable to attend, don’t worry! We do not have a cancellation fee at this time. However, we do request any cancellations be made at least 10 hours prior to class start time out of respect for our trainers and their time.

We have wraps and gloves available for your first class. Beyond that, we do ask that you purchase your own wraps and gloves.

Wraps are available for purchase at the gym, but if you choose to purchase elsewhere, we recommend purchasing a pair that is 180″ long and has a bit of elastic in it. We also are happy to provide recommendations on where to purchase gloves.

Plenty! We have a large parking lot, but street parking is available too.