Why You Should Get Personal Training With HTX FightCamp

Have you thought about personal training? Boxing centered fitness has been in the peripheral vision of the fitness industry for decades—not quite in the mainstream but not out of the picture either. With the success of boxing fitness centers such as HTX FightCamp, boxing is moving to the forefront of many workout routines and personal trainers.

HTX FightCamp not only offers some of the most scientifically tuned boxing regimens for optimal results—but we also offer it on a personal, more customizable level than our general classes. Before you can understand the importance and added advantages of our personal training program you must first understand the benefits of boxing as exercise.

The Top 5 Benefits Of Boxing in Personal Training

Boxing in and of itself requires a high level of athletic ability, coordination, speed, endurance, and quick reflexes just to name a few required attributes. It is by far one of the most intense and difficult sports to compete in.

Boxing as a fitness regimen, however, allows the average person to develop and hone those same skills without having to endure a single punch. Instead, boxing as a fitness regimen extracts the movements, the cardio, the strength training, the muscle confusion, and the coordination of boxing and uses it to reap the benefits that boxing training provides. When it comes to looking at the benefits of boxing as a fitness regimen at HTX FightCamp there are five benefits that stand out the most.

1. Boxing Enhances Cardiovascular Health

You can’t read one health magazine without an article popping up about cardiovascular health or something related to improving it. The bottom line is you need cardio to prevent heart disease, to burn excess calories, and to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. 

Unfortunately, the idea of cardio exercises that come to mind is the treadmill or a Stairmaster—BORING! Don’t get us wrong, cardio is good no matter how you get it—after all, the point of cardio is to put a moderate amount of stress on your heart and lungs so they grow stronger and facilitate healthy exercise. 

That being said, there is no reason why your cardio can’t involve any activity that accomplishes those two things. You can get a very well-rounded cardio workout from simple boxing training routines such as punching, footwork, defensive training, hand-eye coordination exercises, speed bags, and more. Boxing will give your heart and lungs one of the most intense cardio workouts of any regimen and it’s fun!

2. Boxing Improves Overall Body Strength

Even though punching, footwork, jumping rope and other boxing related workouts may be fun, they do require a significant amount of strength. Most heavy bags are called that for a reason—they weight at least 100lbs. 

In a typical boxing workout, you will probably punch a heavy bag over a hundred times, easily. This requires your upper body, lower body, and your core to work together as you make contact with the heavy bag. Not to mention, a boxing workout consists of more than just punching. There are strength building exercises such as pushups, squats, planks, and even kettlebell exercises. 

3. Boxing Works On Your Hand-Eye Coordination

Not many people make the important connection between hand-eye coordination and its impact on your total health, but it plays a huge role in one’s motor skills. If you have good hand-eye coordination you will have quicker reflexes, faster reaction times, and you will tend to have a better overall physical coordination. This is very important as we age as our coordination, balance, and reflexes can become weaker which increases our risk for falls and other coordination related accidents. 

Boxing helps with this problem and helps you develop and keep good hand-eye coordination. When you are hitting the speed bag or engaging in some mitt work you are able to see your target, react, and punch all while you’re anticipating its movement. It’s not easy but with more and more practice you will build your hand-eye coordination up significantly. 

4. Boxing Decreases Stress

It may not sound like boxing can be a tool to reduce stress but because it increases endorphins, gives your mood a boost, can work as a form of meditation, and improves your sleep—boxing is actually quite effective at reducing stress.

First, in a boxing workout, you will shift back and forth between high-intensity exercises and moderate activities for recovery before shifting back to high-intensity exercises. When you are zoned in on pushing through a bout of intense exercise, you tend to forget how bad your day was, the bills you have to pay or the household to-dos that keep stacking up. You’re just trying to make it through that few minutes to get to the recovery period and then start all over.

Second, there’s an amazing feeling associated with knocking the stuffing out of a punching bag and releasing your stress from the day. Having a bad day at work? Hit the bag. Do bills keep piling up? Hit the bag. You get the idea. 

5. Boxing Improves Your Body Composition

Often times, many people focus too much on weight loss and then they forget that while weight loss can be beneficial if you are overweight—there are other aspects of fitness that need focusing on as well. One of those is body composition, that is, you want to increase muscle and get lean while losing fat. If you improve your body composition you will also lose weight as a byproduct.

When you actively follow a boxing training regimen which includes the exercises, strength training, nutrition, and cardio you will improve your body composition as well as notice the scale going down as it should. 

The Advantages Of Personal Training At HTX FightCamp

Now that you have the benefits and advantages of boxing as a fitness regimen you can take it to the next level with our intense one-on-one personal training sessions. These sessions are

centered specifically around your needs and desired fitness goals as well as your physical capabilities. Our personal training offers several key benefits and advantages over just working within a class environment.

1. We Go Beyond Exercise in Personal Training

We know you can get personal training at any gym or boxing gym for that matter. We go a step further and include a nutrition plan that is custom designed around your training goals. It is important to combine proper nutrition with exercise. You have to feed your body the right fuel to optimize your metabolism and keep burning calories when you aren’t exercising, such as when you’re asleep.

2. No Messy Contracts Or Commitments

Other gyms may try to rope you into long commitments or contracts with first and last months training fees due in advance. They may also have a difficult cancellation process and make it hard for you to quit the program. At HTX FightCamp, the skills and knowledge of our training staff is what keeps our clients coming back every month, not binding contracts and cancellation hurdles. It’s month to month here, we know we have the best personal training in Houston, we don’t need to force you to stay.

3. No Boring Repetitive Workouts

We know you get bored with the same routine over and over again—and here’s a secret, so do your muscles. In fact, when you do the same movements and exercises over and over, your body accustoms to those exercises and it gets easier for your muscles. This muscle memory leads to less effective workout results and is corrected with simple “muscle confusion.” We incorporate many different forms of exercises in our personal training sessions, not just boxing. We mix it up with weights, cardio, mitt work, and also resistance band training too. Anything to keep your muscles from getting into an easy groove which stunts muscle growth.

4. Our Training Sessions Are Scientifically Proven

Sure, there at lots of gyms that offer personal trainers, but most of them get a certification only from a class that is often online only. At HTX FightCamp our training staff is led by the owner, Ricky Cruz. Ricky, a proud Army veteran, is not just a NASM certified personal trainer—he also holds degrees in Kinesiology and Exercise Science. With that knowledge and experience woven into the personal training regimen personally designed for your goals—you are getting science-based workouts, not some fads or trendy routine.

Ready To Change Your Life With Personal Training?

Contact us today to schedule your first class absolutely free and then sit down with a personal trainer so we can discuss your fitness goals. We can get you on the fast track to the body and health you have been striving for!