Boxing as a sport may seem intimidating to the average person. To be fair, it is arguably one of the most intense and difficult competitive sports out there. It requires a high level of athletic ability, coordination, speed, and endurance to make it in the game and has a high rate of injury in the ring.

Boxing as a fitness regimen, however, is much more accessible than you might think, even more so when it is taught in a non-contact and non-combat training facility like ours. Here at HTX FightCamp, we took the movements and exercises from a typical professional boxer’s training regimen and created a program that is much more suitable for people outside of the ring.

Accessibility and transparency are at the center of what we do at HTX FightCamp. We don’t believe in tricking you into long-term commitments or sneaky contracts with difficult cancellation processes. We believe that our program is unique and effective and that our skills, knowledge, and staff will keep you coming back each month. We don’t believe in fads, trendy diets, or quick fixes. We are here to help you form the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. We don’t believe in toxic gym culture. We believe in positivity and inclusivity and treat our members like family.

HTX FightCamp is our home, and we want it to be yours too.